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“Best Music Act 2016” – The WOCA Awards

E9 Biography

[Here’s what was said about us for our last album, The Lights Are Too Bright To See. We’ll bring you an updated bio for the new album… 🙂 ]

SONGWRITERS, performers, friends – Even Nine are one of those rare bands who not only gel musically, but are truly a family.
The two holding the guitars may be brothers by blood, but there’s a bond between all three of these members – and their extended team – that goes beyond DNA.

Their new album is the ultimate evolution of their sound – of three passionate players who are all trying to play for the song, rather than their ego.


It’s always been that way, but never has the vision been so perfectly captured.
Their first EP, released shortly after brothers Jody and Rick Martin met Brett Stepto in Cornwall, showed the songwriting potential with opener Two Days From Now, and offered a glimpse of the focused rock sound that would  become their signature.

Soon after followed the Feed EP, which showcased a heavier sound, and included the now staple live track, Over  – for a while considered by many to be their signature song.

But it wasn’t until 2008, as they supported Thunder on their UK tour, that the band released their first long player – the debut album, No Heroes Anymore. Grabbing you by the collar from the off, the first track showed a mature progression with its creative opening of just restrained, smooth vocals and rhythmic guitar before the drums smash into the arrangement. A journey through variety followed – from the bouncy single No One Ever Said Goodbye to the touching ballad Constellations, the rousing rock of Apology to the surprising and sensitive piano finale that is Nowhere Man.

It’s 12 tracks captured a band experimenting with their songwriting and sound.

They shared stages with the likes of Fun lovin’ Criminals, Reef and Rooster, played an open air performance in London’s Covent Garden and supported Dr John in front of 10,000 people at the Rock meets Blues festival. Then music industry trade magazine Music Week tipped them as one of the ‘hottest unsigned bands’.

The relentless touring and performing, combined with continuous songwriting sessions in which the band are incredibly hard on themselves – making sure every piece is just as they envisage – moulded the band into a reinvigorated and focused entity. This version would be the strongest, most melodic and powerful yet to grace a stage, or recording studio, to date.

New tracks were teased live on tour in early 2012, with the single Brakes being recorded and released as a single. And they would evolve further as the band yet still strived to tweak and strengthen each section ahead of going into the studio in the summer. Brakes showed the stripped down arrangements that would be the template for the rest of the album.

The band kept writing over the next few months, With most of the album finished, they felt there was still another track or two in them yet that would earn a place on the final record. By Christmas 2012, everything was recorded. On mastering duties was Pete Maher – the man behind U2’s latest release.

The result is a masterpiece in creating a cohesive yet varied album, full of songwriter’s songs but shaped by a modern-sounding rock band.

Passionately created at home on acoustic guitars, raised in the raw surroundings of tour stages and a snapshot taken in a hot summer studio – The Lights Are Too Bright To See will finally come of age in March 2013.”

– The52Review

The band

Rick Guitar / Vocals
Brett Drums / Vocals
Jody Vocals / Bass