September 26, 2017

So all that noise in Helston does actually do some good!

We might've found ourselves at the centre of a row of live music volume complaints in Helston (read all about it here if you missed it) but it's thanks to the town's music lovers that we've managed to hand over £1,000 to charity.

We're so chuffed to be able to help support the amazing Cots for Tots cause which is linked to our Snowblind appeal...

August 16, 2017

So our old website was being very, VERY naughty. It was just too rock and roll so we kicked it to the kerb.

We hope you like our new site - you can watch our music videos, preview all our albums, find out where we're playing live, order T-shirts to be posted out to your or collected at a gig, download songs and even buy E9 guitar picks.

You an also subscribe to our new mailing list at the bottom of...

August 15, 2017

Our new shop is up and running - there's CDs and T-shirts as you'd expect (including the new 2017 Empires tees in white and black) - but we've also added some new items!

You can now get your hands on some of Rick's own guitar plectrums. They come in four colours, and we'll aim to send you one of each. They're just £2 for 4! That's cheaper than it costs him to have them made!
You can also get your h...

August 15, 2017

This was our only official music video from the No Heroes Anymore album.

And it wasn't released until three years after the album came out!

It came to life after GB came on board having filmed some shorter "live" videos for us.

We met up several times to discuss ideas for the video and, in between chatting about what music we loved and Star Wars, we threw around all sorts of stupid concepts. 


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Empires delivers powerful rock with pop and indie vibes, lots of energy and for a change lately; a singer who can sing and musicians who can really play


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